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Low Ink is a two day Splatoon 3 tournament for newer and lower level players.

Our goal is to give teams a chance to get into the Splatoon 3 tournament scene and gain valuable competitive experience. This is achieved by barring higher-level teams from playing in this event. Each team is checked over manually to ensure they are at a suitable skill to play.

What else makes Low Ink good for newer players?

• The tournament bans players with tourney results exceeding the skill cap (LUTI div 4).
• An easy to follow format on day 1, which guarantees 18 games played with multiple teams.
• Multiple brackets on Day 2 for the top cut of teams, with placements determined by day 1 performance.
• Quality live stream and commentary with a focus on introducing competitive Splatoon to newcomers.

If you’re new to Low Ink and want to play, please check out our guide on how to play!